How to Get Extra Income in Parallel With a Job

Americans sometimes call it a side job. I call it a B plan. But you can call it what you want. If you’re really excited and want to change something the way you live now, you can’t expect a stroke of luck to solve it for you.

When there are need and desire, creativity often devises good solutions. And if not, you just have to copy other people who have been in a situation like yours and decided to do something to change it.

Because the key to leaving a job you don’t like and being a little freer is to have sources of income independent of your main salary. As you manage to generate some extra income and manage to put your expenses at bay, you start to gain meters of space to the cage in which your life has become because of the debts or obligations created, which prevent you from breaking with the Vicious circle in which you are involved.

Sometimes, that pressure leads people to be able to quit their jobs and start, starting their own business and making money for themselves, without bosses and without intermediaries. It may be a much riskier road, but I assure you that it can give you greater satisfaction with what you are doing in your life.

Ideas to get extra money

It’s not about taking a leap into the void without a network but trying. Some people have launched some of the most absurd but profitable businesses in the history of the business. And if they took the step, it’s not for another reason that they didn’t want to settle for what they had. You have to try and try.

You might like photography and specialize in making professional-use photos for resumes or LinkedIn profiles. You may love to write about a topic and become a great copywriter with whom you get a few euros. Or that you are good at teaching, and you set up a private channel in which to hook people to your cooking advice.

However obvious it may seem to you, even if there is a solution created to a people’s need, even though they tell you many voices that you are going to fail, try to try it. If, in the end, you manage to leave your job and be a little freer, it will have been worth it, even if the road has been bumpy and suffering.

It may sound a bit cliché, but life is not just about reaching that moment of success. Life is the sometimes tortuous road that takes you to it. And only those who have the real illusion and determination to get there even knowing the difficulties that separate them from their distant dream, are able to enjoy each step and get happy with what they do.

The extra money on a recurring basis never comes quickly and easily. Although sometimes there are simple things that work for a while and it is a rush to see that you are able to achieve it.

My advice. Start earning extra money and build a financial cushion that allows you in the future to quit your job to undertake or do whatever you want. But if you are unhappy with your work, think that you cannot continue like this. The road will be long, but worth it. Many people have already done it before. Cheer up. You can do it too.