Ideas to Start Being Freelancer

Being a freelancer means more than just working at home, and it leaves behind all kinds of ties that, from an analytical point of view, mean the traditional work model. It has its advantages and its cons, like everything in life. Possibly you have thought about the idea, and maybe you should think before starting this special work activity. We present the five key questions you should ask yourself before starting Freelancing.

1. What area could I specialize in?

The best way to undertake Freelancing is through the field where you are strong. You are welcome to leave the traditional work model if you are going to lose quality in terms of results, which will eventually end up hurting you, as well as your potential clients. There are different types of areas where you can give good products, and thanks to digitalization, it is almost impossible not to find a job at a distance that does not require at least one of your skills.
Most Freelancing jobs require a minimum of computer knowledge, so don’t worry (only programmers are not needed).

Some of the most requested areas are:

  • Web design
  • Voice over
  • Accountancy
  • Content writing and SEO optimization
  • Translation of texts
  • Creation of images and videos
  • Programming
  • Campaign optimization in social networks

2. Can I manage my time correctly?

Another question you should ask yourself before entering fully, or even starting in the world of Freelancing is, knowing if you can manage your time. It may seem silly, and it does not matter, but the reality is that in this aspect, you should be equal or even more strict in comparison to other types of work.

What happens, unlike an office, is that in your house, you will have to deal with distractions from home. You may have less concentration, and in fact, it could take valuable time to complete your work on time. Can you manage correctly every hour of your day? Analyze it thoroughly.

3. What kind of disadvantages could it present?

There are plenty of advantages in the world of Freelancing, but you also have to put them on a scale with their counterpart: the big disadvantages that it presents. What hadn’t they told you about them? Well, there is a lot of weight. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Goodbye to social security paid holidays or sabbatical years
  • Sometimes there will be no work, so the flow is not constant.
  • Your experience and score should gradually penetrate.
  • Sometimes it can overwhelm you and incur your personal life.
  • Hardly a full-time Freelancer will have time for physical activities and can generate some sedentary lifestyle.

What do you think of the disadvantages? Are they severe enough to abandon the idea of ​​Freelancing? Wait first to read all the advantages!

4. What platforms are available for Freelancing?

It is very important to know what are the different platforms available for Freelancing. Some of them have higher commissions than others or services that are sometimes free and sometimes not. The most famous platforms for their quality, and years in the market are Upwork, Freelancer, Workana (especially for Latin America).

You will need to see the opinions of freelancers who are already in full practice. It is very simple to obtain data from small research in blogs or within the same forums of the mentioned platforms. Also, you can review reviews in their mobile versions ( each has an application designed for iOS or Android).

Choose the one that fits most in your pocket. For example, on Freelancer.com, it is important to know that each test or test is paid. While in Upwork, no, but in this case, each of the work proposals you send will have a value of $0.15. It seems little, but it is relevant if you are a newbie and have not forged experience.

5. What makes Freelancing so special?

There are plenty of advantages in Freelancing, but it doesn’t hurt to indicate them. Is that one of those questions that you should put on the table before starting, are they worth it? Here we present them:

  • You choose your clients, your work, your schedule … there are more freedom Zero ties!
  • You are your boss. Therefore, you will not have to share responsibilities or receive orders from a higher position.
  • Everything from home: comfort, no hurry and in the best office there can be.
  • You can agree on a good price for your work. Therefore, a good income is possible, higher than that of a common salary.
  • Once your profile is positioned (for your good work), it will be a great source of income.
  • It helps improve time management.
  • You save on resources such as transportation, prints, gasoline, and other small details that any office job might require.

Worth it? Maybe, and being a freelancer is a great feat, that well done will make you completely forget about that traditional model. More and more entrepreneurs choose to be part of the “working from home” community and, as you can see, it has absolutely nothing to envy to any other job.