How to Save in the Shopping Cart?

Rent, mortgage, car, children, receipts … And eat? The day to day of any person who has become independent changes radically. We do not only talk about the new way of living or the change of home but about the amount of money, we must spend months in order to live. The purchase is one of the most surprising expenses since once you go to the supermarket, you never know how much money you are going to spend.

In addition to all of this, it is true that some months some kind of unforeseen event may arise, such as a car repair or a breakdown in our house.

Tips to save in the shopping cart

As we say, the shopping cart is a budget that usually skyrockets and is never fixed. Depending on the month, the offers, and the type of food of each family, the price may vary. However, on average, a family usually spends about 300 euros per month. Depending on the number of people in the family, the price will be increased. In the case that there are children, education, extracurricular activities, or clothing, they can make the price experience an annual figure that could well resemble the cost of a car.

Regardless of all this, each autonomous community has a different monthly expense. According to different studies, Galicians are the ones who invest the most in the shopping basket with 375 euros, and those who spend less are the people who live in Rioja, where the average is 312 euros per month. These data are general, spending more or less will depend on each person.

The first one is to write down everything you need in a list as it runs out. It is not advisable to accumulate products in the pantry or in the fridge since there is a possibility that they expire. It seems simple, but it is not. Going to the supermarket with a full stomach considerably reduces food expenditure. When we are hungry, we feel like everything we see on the food shelves, so we accumulate more food than we will later consume.

Another trick is to compare prices. The same product, depending on one brand or another, will make it more or less economical. The same goes for offers. Take advantage of the different offers of supermarkets and buy each product wherever it is on offer since at the end of the month you will appreciate it. Another trick that you may not know is to buy items that are under the shelf, as they will be cheaper. On the other hand, take advantage of the discount coupons of the establishments and consume seasonal products that are cheaper.

As a last tip, there is no more advisable way to save on cooking than to cook. Start by taking out the recipe book and see what you can cook to freeze it and take advantage of it in several days. Only then, you will not be able to drown at the end of the month, and you will have greater economic peace of mind.