How to Leave a Job and Get a Little Freer Without Dying in the Attempt

Resignation letter being placed on the desk of the boss

Your life is the result of a succession of fortuitous circumstances and a series of decisions at critical moments, which have shaped it. That it is directed to a greater or lesser extent towards the lifestyle you want, depends fundamentally on your nonconformity.

I have met people in college who were brilliant students. They finished the year-on-year career with excellent grades while learning two languages ​​and doing internships in a company. Anyone would say that these people had a promising future.

However, over the years, I have been reuniting with some of them, and I was surprised to know that they were accommodated in a first job, far below what could be expected of them. What I usually say is that if they are happy like that, it’s great. But what I can’t understand is when they complain bitterly about how unhappy they are with their jobs. And how frustrated they are to be caught in a life that doesn’t satisfy them.

There is a large majority of the active population, who is dissatisfied with some aspect of their employment. Stress, low wages, lousy environment, perform a task or function that they are not passionate about … but they are still there. And they complain. Of course. Of course, they do. But they do nothing to change their situation.

I am aware that as life progresses, things can get complicated and much. Maybe you embarked on a gigantic mortgage buying at the worst time that house you liked so much. You might fall madly in love, and now you have two young children who have a terrible habit of wanting to eat every day, and you get caught, or you might have one of your parents sick and have to take care of them. I get it. They are circumstances or wrong decisions, which sometimes condemn you.

But, even so, there is always something that can be done. Maybe you can’t consider leaving a job to start and start living on what excites you. But perhaps you can start earning some extra money with some other activity in parallel to the rest of your life.