How to Save Money After Summer and Face the September Slope

In addition to post-vacation depression, in September, you can encounter the economic depression of your finances. Even if you try to control the expense, it is possible that when you see the credit card charge at the end of the month, you get a little scare.

It is healthy, in summer, and on vacation, it is when you have more time and want to spend more. In the summer period, we significantly increase consumption. And even if it seems silly, the weather and temperature influence our emotions. What makes us more impulsive in our decisions and also more optimistic.

But after the excesses, the side effects come. What can be done to save money and avoid economic setbacks after the summer?

Well, I propose a crash plan with several ideas to save money and lighten payment commitments a bit. If you have children, we already know that going back to school is usually hard. Review all of those fixed expenses that you have throughout the year to see if something can be done.

The first objective, review of large budgets

When you consider saving money, focus on the great battles. Looking at the penny in everything can save you money at the end of the year, but this can wear you out excessively. I suggest you start with insurance. Do you have a home or car insurance? Do you have private health insurance? Maybe life insurance?

In insurance premiums, you can be allocated an important budget every year. And little by little, almost without realizing it, if you don’t check them, you can end up paying 10% more year to year. Today there are excellent company policies on the internet. You don’t have to give up coverage to spend less.

I suggest you feel an afternoon and check all the insurance you have. What are you paying, why coverages and when all those policies expire. You have to have a global vision. Sometimes separately you can get worse rates than if you go with everything to the same company. And they can even ask you for a level payment plan so that you pay the same month-to-month and don’t get shocked.

Another point that you cannot neglect is the banks. Do you pay commissions? Do you have personal loans? What kind of interest are you paying? Unless your bank ties you until the end of the day, I am convinced that you can improve what you have. Do you pay for your credit cards? There are many entities with which you can get a free VISA. I tell you the same about maintenance fees or transfers. There are a lot of banks on the internet where you can open an account right now and where you won’t pay a single euro in commissions and without requirements.

Get more out of your payroll. Many banks offer gifts or money for direct payment and receipts. Instead of paying commissions, you can get paid for opening an account.

Check the receipts of your service providers. As I have told you about insurance before, do it with your telephone company, gas, and electricity company. You are sure that you are paying only for what you consume. Many people have hired a fixed electricity service above what they consume.

Do the exercise of sitting at least once a year to see how you can improve the services you have hired in your home, it is worth it and goes to account.

Another suggestion with which you can save a lot of money at the end of the year has to do with the supermarket. It is not that you buy the cheapest, but that you look where they sell at a lower price the products you usually consume. And don’t just think about traditional supermarkets. Amazon also takes you the shopping cart, and it may be much cheaper for some things.

Try to go to the supermarket always with the shopping list made. You will avoid buying more things than you had in mind, and you did not want to buy it. Supermarkets are a trap for your pocket. They are designed so that you always spend more than you planned. And to avoid wasting your money on whims, although it may seem silly, purchase eating. If you go hungry at the supermarket, you will spend more money on things to snack, candy, or other things you did not think.

And finally, plan and compare the maintenance costs of your car. To start, always try to have your vehicle ready. You will avoid breakdowns that can lead to a large unforeseen in your family budget. And on the other hand, when you go to change the wheels, the brake pads or the oil, look and compare. There are significant differences from one place to another. But don’t skimp or go just cheap. In your safety and yours is worth investing money.

Whether you are gone or if you still have your holidays pending, I hope you enjoy them. But you know what if you don’t want to avoid regrets, it’s your turn to work. Sit down and look at all these clues I’ve given you to save. Surely the September slope is more bearable.